Ad Hoc Creative

Ad Hoc Creative is a brand new collaboration between Bido Lito! Magazine and Ad Hoc Property Management.

There are hundreds of thousands of empty properties in the UK, including former schools, churches, sports halls and stately homes, which can stand vacant for a whole host of reasons.

Ad Hoc’s property guardian scheme allows people to live in some of these amazing locations at a minimal cost, often providing inspiring spaces in which people of an artistic persuasion can live and create and putting these treasured buildings back into use in the process.

This has given rise to a buoyant artistic community within Ad Hoc properties across the UK and Europe, a world of new ideas within re-imagined spaces.

Ad Hoc Creative is here to celebrate these wide ranging creative endeavours. We’ll be championing guardian’s work through this website, with regular features and profile articles, and also through our series of Ad Hoc Expo events; unique artistic collaborations set within amazing locations.

For full information on Ad Hoc’s Guardian Scheme click HERE

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